West Virginia University Partners With Coding Group (U.S. News & World Report)

West Virginia University has become a regional partner of a network that works to provide computer science education opportunities to students in kindergarten through high school. The university’s Center for Excellence in STEM Education announced last week it was selected as a regional partner of Code.org. Center Director Gay Stewart says the partnership is a way to help make sure West Virginia students have necessary skills while improving jobs and economic growth. 

Virginia adopts computer science standards for K-12 (Newport News Daily News)

The Virginia Board of Education voted last month to become the first state to adopt mandatory computer science standards for all students. The computer science Standards of Learning were unanimously approved after lengthy discussion on Nov. 16. They laid out the four key fundamentals that must be taught: computer literacy, educational technology, digital citizenship and information technology. Each of these concepts is interwoven into other content areas in most cases.

Apple CEO Tim Cook wants to teach every Chicago public school student to code (USA Today)

Tech giant Apple is setting its eyes on teaching coding to every public school student in one of the biggest and most racially diverse school districts in the nation. Apple CEO Tim Cook told USA TODAY that the company — which like many top tech firms has faced calls from politicians and activists to take steps to diversify its workforce — in the New Year will partner with Chicago school system officials to teach the coding language Swift in city classrooms and through after-school coding clubs in a school district.