Outside of school, learning and positive action must be reinforced through our communities and home lives

  • Community learning encourages people to reflect on their values, and actively participate in sustainable living initiatives.
  • Traditional – and specifically indigenous – knowledge, passed down through the generations, can help us adapt to climate change.

(Ref.: UNESCO 2016)

The Factory

The Place

Situated on the heights of Verviers, Belgium, the building is a former textile factory perched on a south-east facing hill, offering panoramic views of the city and surrounding countryside.


The factory is also designed for individuals and groups looking for workspace: do-it-yourselfers, craftsmen, artists, engineers, technicians, electronic engineers, programmers and others.

Who is the factory for?

The project is designed to bridge a societal gap, and to bring makers, innovators, and curious young minds together/

Our primary audience are schools (6-18 years old), youth centers, children’s charities and non-profit associations. We want to create a dedicated creative, educational space where children can learn autonomously and experiment with energy-focused maker technology; in a safe, proactive environment.

To do this, we first need to build a maker community; which is why we’re committed to building a versatile space where they can access tools, workshops, and private areas. We see makers as:

  • Autonomous educators: the link between children and the factory.
  • Able to offer experience and expertise.
  • Key participants in the Research & Development of Smart Grid modules.

Maker segmentation
Tools and hardware
Philosophical emphasis