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Another upgrade is the possibility to charge the batteries from the grid, where you want, just plugin and your green consumption will calculate automatically your total sunjoules use,Yoomeyoo, Inc. must pay (green certificate transfert) to the owner of the grid where you were connected. Just travel and use energy for free, all around the world, for life ! Your own green production can be shared with the EQBE community, this is great !

Yoomeyoo, Inc. « Green globe trotter » is basically a smart outlet adapter that allows you to take advantage of green certificates in an effortless way. Once you plug it in, the device measures the electricity you take from your wall outlet, and automatically upgrades it to solar power by purchasing small fractions of a solar energy certificate.

That’s the magic of it. Green certificates generally represent an entire megawatt-hour of electricity (a sizable and relatively expensive chunk of power), so to make them more accessible to individuals, Yoomeyoo has developed an ingenious way to break them up into microcredits (called SunJoules) that you can use on a smaller scale.

When Yoomeyoo, Inc. measures one kilojoule of grid electricity being used, it retires one SunJoule from the system and credits the Yoomeyoo’s owner with that amount of real solar use. It’s essentially a way to buy/use solar energy in tiny chunks, instead of buying/using it by the megawatt-hour, or installing your own solar panels.

The daily life of a Yoomeyoo’s energy downloader

Tapping into solar energy is easier than ever. At home or away, just plug into your SunPort and start using solar. Curious which solar farm you are accessing? You can see this and more in the accompanying app.