These 3 maps show the absurd growth potential of rooftop solar in America

  • September 10, 2017
  • admin

Solar power in America is on a roll. Over the last decade, the cost of solar installations in the U.S. has fallen by more than 70 percent, and every year has had more solar installed than the last.

Since 2010, the nation’s solar power capacity has grown fifteen-fold. And employment in the U.S. solar industry recently surpassed 200,000 people – that’s more than the oil and gas extraction industry, and three times more than the coal-mining industry.

It’s really just the beginning though. To grasp solar’s enormous untapped potential, we can start by looking at home rooftop solar. There are already more than 1.1 million home solar rooftops in the U.S. today – including more than 300,000 SolarCity installations – but the coming years are likely to make that look small.

Using publicly available data, we’ve produced the three maps below to convey the absurdly large growth potential of home rooftop solar in America.